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Instructions to fill the Food Registration form given here –

Name of the Applicant:
Your name as written on PAN/ Aadhaar Card will come here. 
यहाँ पर अपना नाम डालें जैसा की आपके पैन अथवा आधार कार्ड में दिया गया है 

Email Address for Communication:
Please share your primary email address here so that we can communicate with you on the status of your application.
यहाँ पर आपका ईमेल एड्रेस आएगा जिस पर हम संपर्क कर सकते हैं आपके फ़ूड लाइसेंस को लेकर

Mobile Number for Communication:
Please share your primary mobile number here. Our representatives will call you for verification before processing your application.
आपका मोबाइल नंबर यहाँ पे डालें, हम आपको कॉल करके आपसे आपके लाइसेंस से सम्बंधित जानकारी लेंगे

Name of the Firm/ Company:
If you are working under a legal name, you can add that here. Otherwise, you may leave this blank.
आप अपनी कंपनी का नाम यहाँ पे डालें. अगर अपने कंपनी का निर्माण नै किया है तो इसे रहने दें

Type of Business:
Here, you have to pick the category that best represents your food based business – you can choose from the options given.
दिए गए विकल्पों में से कोई एक चुने जो आपके व्यापार को सही दर्शाता है

What is you level of authority in your food business, choose from one of the options.
आपके फ़ूड बिज़नेस में आपकी पोजीशन अथवा देसिग्नेशन क्या है, एक विकल्प चुने

Please share complete address of your premises. Mention State, Pincode, District as well.
आपके खाने के धंधे का पूरा एड्रेस अथवा पता यहाँ पे डॉल दें. पिनकोड, जिला, एवं राज्य लिखना न भूलें

What is your Annual Turnover: 
In this field, you have to choose your yearly income from among the three options given. If you have an income less than 12 lacs then you are eligible for the basic FSSAI registration. For turnovers over 12 lacs per annum upto 20 crores per annum, you would need a State License. For more income businesses, you are eligible for a Central License only.
यहाँ पर दिए गए विकल्पों में से आपकी सालाना आय की सही रेंज चुने

Number of Years you want to apply for: 
Lastly, you have to select the period validity for which you wish to apply. You can get a license for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 5 years.
और अंत में, आप इस फ़ूड लाइसेंस को कितने समय के लिए लेना चाहते है – वो सेलेक्ट करें. न्यूनतम वैधता १ वर्ष एवं अधिकतम वैधता ५ वर्ष की है

Difference between FSSAI Registration, Food Central License and Food State License

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What is meant by FSSAI?​

FSSAI basically stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

It is the governing and regulatory body for ensuring the safety of food products delivered to the consumers.Sometimes it is also referred to as the Food Authority of India.

The Food Safety and Standards Act empowers FSSAI to exercise the powers. In addition to carrying out the functions specified to them by the Government of India as well as the Ministry of Health and Family Affair.

What are the activities done by FSSAI?​

FSSAI is empowered by the Food Safety and Security Act of 2006. It sets the standards for healthy and consumable food products based on facts backed by science

The Food Authority of India also helps regulate the following. Storage, production , distribution as well as the sales of the food products. Products are to deemed safe to consume for the buyers by Food Corporation.

In addition to this, the food regulatory body also ensures that the food products are free from impurities and adulteration. 

Benefits of Getting FSSAI Certificate​/ Food License

There is a high degree of consumer confidence in safety quality of food.

It helps to promote innovation in foods products.

It helps in removal of multiple regulations.

It facilitates trade without compromising consumer safety a larger share.

It Ensures removal of adulterants in food. It also prohibits sale of sub-standard products keeping in mind the health of the consumers.

Is Food Central or State License Mandatory?​

As per the Food Security Act, 2006 passed by Parliament its mandatory for all the product manufacturers and food service based businesses to be registered and obtain license under the FSSAI.

The type of License however ranges based on the production and turbovers of your food business. There are three types of licences available for FSSAI -

The Simple FSSAI Registration for small and minimum requirement businesses.
The FSSAI Food Safety License for Medium Scale businesses with a decent turnover or production capacity
The FSSAI Food Central License - This License of mandatory for biggere companies where the turnovers and production capacities are huge.

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